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hyeminsong is REBORN on her 3rd studio album

The Korean producer enlists the underground K-hop avengers on her latest project

LiFTED | Jensen Ooi | 10 Des 2023

A veteran of the game, hyeminsong has been prolific with her work in the underground K-hop scene. Since her debut album CATHARSIS in 2019, the Korean producer has dropped numerous singles as well as a collab album with singer Bamsem in 2020. Her steady output built a name for herself and now as we wrap up to 2023, hyeminsong returns with REBORN, an album that sees her collaborating with the who’s who of underground Korean Hip Hop.

A departure from the Drill and Trap sounds that her collaborators favor, REBORN sees hyeminsong embrace the K-R&B side of her music. Tracks like ‘Lost’ with Rad Museum and The Quiett, and ‘Goodnight Goodnight’ with Nochang, Nucksal, and Khundi Panda turn down the energy in favor of melodic singing and vibes. Much of the album feels like a compilation of songs you’d put on a playlist for a late-night drive.

There are also some hard hitters like ‘Wedding Dress’ with JUSTHIS and ‘Backcasting’ with DAMINI, CHOILB, and DJ Redef. Even when REBORN, hyeminsong still plays to the strengths of her collaborators, too.

Prior to the album’s release, hyeminsong has also dropped a two-part documentary detailing REBORN’s creative process. You can find it on the AP Alchemy YouTube channel here and here.

Check out the live performance for hyeminsong and JUSTHIS’ ‘Wedding Dress’ and listen to REBORN below.