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Gluestick returns with a Wet & Wild Hip Hop show on December 3

The Indie festival features many of Hong Kong’s underground Hip Hop artists

LiFTED | Elaine Chung | 4 Nov 2021

Hong Kong music festival organizers Gluestick is back with a show full of local Hip-Hop acts called Wet & Wild held at Ocean Park on December 3. Their last show, TUNE-A-CAN, was a huge success and this time Gluestick is partnering with Chivas XV for a Hip Hop-leaning show with two rap groups, The Low Mays and YPU, plus MCs Billy Choi, $alty Chick, ANGO, and ProdiG.

The lineup will showcase local alternative vibes plus an eclectic mix of Hip Hop artists ranging from Trap to R&B as well as Emo-Rap and Auto-Tuned Pop. The underground Hip Hop scene is represented by pioneers The Low Mays, consisting of rappers Nile Bun, Lil Hanwo, Butcher Fong, Matty Gospel, Yung Bumblebee, and Healthy Lin. Another group, YPU [Yung Player’s Universe] are best known for their Emo and Auto-Tuned Rap. The five-member group formed back in high school and members YPY Sid, YPU CJ, YPU Z, YPU Gaia, and YPU Rose have been building ever since.

For the solo artists, ProdiG has a rock star persona with his energetic and turned-up performances. ANGO is another one of the names making noise in Hong Kong’s new wave of Trap and Emo-Rap. He is also a founding member of BOHO [Back Off Huge Occurs] with 2k88 among others. Billy Choi is a rapper from Tin Shui Wai, known for his witty lyrics, charisma, and all-out performances. Finally, emerging female provocateur $alty Chick is also on the bill. She’s known for openly singing about pornography and sexual situations with a blend of Hip Hop, R&B and bedroom Indie Pop vibes.

The show will be held on December 3rd, and you can get your tickets now on KLOOK here.