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Drake disses Singapore?

On new song ‘Drew a Picasso,’ does the Canadian MC throw shade at the Lion City?

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 10 Okt 2023

Drake released his latest album, For the Dogs, on Friday, October 6, and with it came a lot of controversy. Former MC and podcaster Joe Budden dissed the record, saying that Drake should Rap for people his own age instead of kids. Drake didn’t like that and hit back with his own Joe Budden-is-a-failed-rapper Instagram diss. Then Birdman swooped in and threatened Budden like the gangster he is.

One line from the 23-track album has a lot of people from Asia talking, “Artists hittin' on you/ broke as f*ck/I swear them n*ggas probably live in Singapore.” One reason people from Singapore are mad at being dissed is because they really aren’t broke. As a matter of fact, the city-state of Singapore is the fifth wealthiest in the world in Gross Domestic Product per capita, whereas Canada is 13th.

Yung Raja posted in his IG Stories a photo of the song and a crying emoji trying to tag all Singaporean artists. Rapper Fariz Jabba took a screenshot from a local media outlet trying to dissect the lyrics and wrote, “What in the office lady spreadsheet is this, bruh? Don’t make us look lamer than we already are, please” on his IG Stories. And he continued, “It’s not that deep. He just wanted it to rhyme.”

Fariz hit it on the head. If you look at the lines before and after, instead of just focusing on one line, Drake raps:

“Way I'm feelin' on this album, really took it easy on you, coulda written more

If the shoe was on the other foot and it was me, it woulda been guerilla war

Since you know I got a soft spot for you, this has turned into a civil war

Artists hittin' on you, broke as f*ck, I swear them n*ggas probably live in Singapore

The athlete that you rollin' with, I saw his game last night, he didn't score

F*ck, I gotta say a little more

Show you spots you never been before”

Drake has never been known to go too deep, but this one for sure is just a rhyme for rhyme’s sake, and he’s not dissing the Lion City.

Check out Drake’s ‘Drew a Picasso’ below.