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Comedian Douglas Lim partners with SonaOne for the Hilarious 'Aduh'

Comedy meets Malaysian Rap royalty

LiFTED | Jensen Ooi | 31 Okt 2022

“Cause I’m so damn pretty it hurts,” claims Douglas Lim and SonaOne – both performers flexing their comedic muscles on ‘Aduh’, rapping about the pain they feel from being too overly handsome. The collaboration also marks the first-ever song release from stand-up comedian and radio presenter Douglas Lim, who contributes heavily to the addictively mischievous tone of the track.

"It has always been my dream to record a Hip Hop song and so when SonaOne agreed to help me out with this, I was over the moon,” Douglas said in a press release, "I practiced and practiced really hard before recording but he made the process fun and exciting."

When it came to the production of ‘Aduh’, SoneOne fittingly employs bright horns and a bouncy trap beat to keep up with the upbeat nature of the lyrics. "Music and comedy have always been able to coexist with the likes of global names like Weird Al Yankovic, Jack Black, and even locally from Jin Hackman, so I knew this project would be a breeze to make," said SonaOne.

It’s also refreshing to hear both artists not taking themselves seriously. Douglas embraces his dad bod while SonaOne doesn’t let his age stop him from still carrying himself as an absolute hunk. ‘Aduh’ is an incredibly impressive debut single from Douglas.

Check out Douglas Lim and SonaOne’s lyric video for ‘Aduh’ below.