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South Korean DJ Koo drops a bombshell on Instagram

He’s now married to Barbie Hsu, 3 months after her divorce & they haven’t met in person in 20 years

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 9 Mar 2022

DJ Koo, a South Korean singer and musician, announced on his Instagram that he was married to Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu [who also goes by 徐熙媛/大S/Big S,] just three months after her divorce from her husband, Chinese entrepreneur Wang Xiaofei [汪小菲]. The two dated 24 years ago, but have not seen each other face to face in more than 20 years. DJ Koo arrives in Taiwan today to start his quarantine of 10 days and then go on a honeymoon.

When Barbie announced that she was getting a divorce from her husband three months ago, the Taiwanese media was set ablaze. Koo caught wind of the news and searched for her phone number that he had kept for the past 20 years and was pleasantly surprised when it worked. After talking a few times online, their romance from more than two decades ago was rekindled and the two planned to be with each other. The only problem was that Taiwan’s borders have been closed to everyone without residency except for close family since Covid-19 started in 2020.

Koo and Hsu figured they could get certified for marriage in Korea, and then Koo would get a special visa to come and meet her family, friends, and children. Koo has two children from a previous marriage and plans to take Barbie and her kids back to Korea after spending two months in Taiwan.

The news has caused quite an uproar in Taiwan and South Korea. The first news agencies to get pictures of DJ Koo out of his quarantine hotel with Barbie Hsu and the kids will be very rich.

DJ Koo has played many electronic music festivals and even has some Hybrid Trap sets up on his Soundcloud, which can be heard below.