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CLOT brings Bruce Lee’s Game of Death look to Nike Cortez

Edison Chen & Harry Wang call the collab CLOTEZ

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 2 Mar 2023

Bruce Lee’s iconic yellow tracksuit from his 1979 movie Game of Death has been referenced numerous times in pop culture. Most famously, Uma Thurman wore it in Kill Bill: Volume 1 while getting revenge and fighting a restaurant full of Crazy 88s and Lucy Lui. RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan wore it in his video for ‘La Rhumba.’ In the Street Fighter video game, Fei Long wears the yellow with a black stripe outfit, and even in Dragon Ball Z, Goku can be seen fighting in it.

This week, CLOT creative director Edison Chen and designer Harry Wang debuted the Black/Varsity Maize Nike Cortez, inspired by the recognizable yellow and black jumpsuit. However, these are not just your ordinary Nike Cortez with some historic colorways. Instead, the yellow house shoe that looks a bit like a traditional kung fu slip-on is surrounded by a black outer sole for outdoor wear.

Of course, the heels have some Chinese characters on them, while the drawstring fastener has the yin-yang symbol on it. The Bruce Lees are the second of three collabs with Nike, which Edison and Harry are calling CLOTEZ.