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B-Girl Sunny & Phil Wizard qualify for Paris 2024 Summer Olympics

Both dancers of Korean descent will represent the US & Canada

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 10 Nov 2023

By winning gold at the Pan American Games over the past weekend, B-girl Sunny from America and B-boy Phil Wizard from Canada both qualified for the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics. Both breakers are of Korean descent. Sunny is the first-ever Team USA B-girl to qualify for an Olympic Games.

Summer beat Colombia’s B-girl Luma in the Pan Am Games final 3 to 0. Phil Wizard beat American Jeffro 3 to 0 as well in his final battle.

Like when snowboarding and skateboarding entered the Olympics, the winners of the gold medals in Paris are guaranteed to become marketing sensations since breakdancing appeals to the younger generations. Unfortunately, it may be one-and-done for Breaking as the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics doesn’t have the sport on the agenda for it’s competition in five years.

For B-girl Sunny, that doesn’t matter one bit. “Breaking doesn’t need the Olympics. It’s a nice thing for us because, again, we have more exposure, opportunities, and corporate sponsorships. Stuff like that that we haven’t had before,” she said. “However, breaking will continue no matter what. Without the Olympics. With the Olympics.”

Check out B-girl Sunny and B-boy Phil Wizard below.