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Japanese bad girl Awich works out her fierce energy in ‘口に出して’

Awich is sexy and she shows it

LiFTED | Elaine Chung | 13 Okt 2021

Awich, one of Japan’s most high profile and outspoken rappers, just dropped a feisty visual ‘口に出して’ [Cheers to the mouth]. As you might imagine with a title like that, the track is very suggestive, with Awich letting you know what you should do with all that pent-up stress. Awich comes hard with her delivery, with the visual featuring 13 hotties working out to unleash their fiery energy, all with the same oral message: ‘Kushini Dashite’. Look it up.

The track is produced by ZOT on the Wave, who has owned the Japanese charts. The beat is simple and catchy, based on a synth riff reminiscent of early Hip Hop bangers. The accompanying visual starts off with Awich being interviewed on a talk show and when he asks her what she’s been up to, she just straight up tells him she’d been “putting it in their mouth or have them put it in my mouth.”

OK then!

This morphs into her leading a stunning group of empowered ladies in the gym for some ‘iron pumping.’ Awich and the girls flex their attitude at the workout session and unapologetically let you know what they like - to give and receive. It’s safe to say Awich is not afraid to speak out boldly and let you know what she likes.

Be sure to check out Awich’s latest sexy visual ‘口に出して’ below.