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BRYN just wants to be herself

“I don't want to confine myself to a specific genre”

LiFTED | Sean D | 17 Apr 2024

LiFTED first became aware of BRYN in 2021 when she absolutely scorched her verse on RAMENGVRL’s ‘Ain’t No MFer Like Me’ remix, which also featured pH-1 and Ash B. BRYN’s bars stood out for the way she totally flipped it, creating a new catchy AF singing melody before pivoting into some fierce bars in Korean. To be honest, she kinda stole the show on that joint, and it got our attention. Also, RAMENGVRL is well-known to be up on the freshest new artists, so we knew BRYN was someone to keep an eye on.

Before that, she had been steadily moving up in the crowded Korean Rap game, ever since her 2018 debut single, ‘HAZY CITY’. She was selected to be one of our first Next 5 artists with Jägermeister in 2022, and has been on numerous Korean talent shows most notably finishing on the top eight in the Hip Hop reality program Show Me the Money.

In 2023 BRYN released the infectious Hip Hop-meets- Club banger ‘Fill Me Up’ and more recently ‘Swallow’ featuring SINCE. She’s also ventured into Uptempo clubbier sounds, and even HyperPop with a touch of acoustic guitar and all singing on the recent ‘STILL’. So who is this multifaceted 26-year-old called BRYN?

LiFTED got a chance to get to know her as the April cover star.

Hey, BRYN! It’s so good to finally get you on the cover of LiFTED. How are you these days?

Hey LiFTED! I'm Bryn. Nice to meet you.

We feel like we’ve watched all your moves ever since you first were one of our NEXT 5 artists to watch out for in 2022. The next year you landed in the LiFTED 50, making you one of Asia’s top 50 rappers. How did that feel?

Thank you for seeing me in a good light, I felt like I needed to become an artist who grows every year. It’s great to be named in the LiFTED 50!

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Your first single ‘HAZY CITY’ in 2018 got the Korean Hip Hop community’s attention. Before that you were rhyming with a few underground crews, can you talk about that a bit?

When I was young, it was more about having fun with friends rather than pursuing music professionally. Like most people, it was about enjoying time with friends. Music was just part of that. Thanks to those early days, I feel like I've been able to continue growing and making music until now.

Your two EPs are called Velvet Moth and Silk Moth. Can you explain the meaning, and also describe the process of creating them?

First of all, when I was making the first EP, I wanted to encapsulate my essence. So I needed an object to represent me, and that was the moth. Among the expressions in Korea that represent a moth, there's a saying, “like a moth to a flame,” knowing it will burn but still diving into the bright light. I'm not the type to ponder a lot, but that aspect of me felt like a moth, so I decided the title had to be Moth. The difference between Velvet and Silk is to express the distinctiveness of the sound through texture. Warm and soft like Velvet. Cold but smooth like Silk.

BRYN hero 2016x1334

When you did Show Me the Money in 2019 you became the first female rapper to make it to the top 8, which was a big distinction. Did you feel like you should have gone even further? What is the Korean Hip Hop scene like for the ladies? 

I've never felt any difference due to gender. Surviving in music regardless of gender is a difficult task for anyone, and I still feel like there's more to do. Not because I'm a woman, but just as a human being.

What other TV programs have you been on, and how was that experience?

I've appeared on Korean YouTube content occasionally, primarily doing live performances of one of my songs or having conversations. I always enjoy live performances. While stages at clubs or festivals are great, I also enjoy the challenge of controlling my voice in live performances.

Your verse on RAMENGVRL’s ‘Ain’t No MFer Like Me’ Remix is the best and totally steals the show, from our perspective. How did RAMENGVRL find you? Were you excited to be on a track with pH-1 and Ash B, too?

Thank you for your kind words. Previously, when I released Silk Moth, RAMENGVRL recommended my song on Instagram. That led to the opportunity to work with her. Working with creative artists is always exciting, and I was thrilled that it was RAMENGVRL.

Recently, you’ve been going in a clubbier, almost poppier direction with elements of Drum & Bass, HyperPop, and other Uptempo beats. Is this a direction you plan to stay in or will you return to rhyming over Trap and Hip Hop beats? 

I don't want to confine myself to a specific genre, but it's undeniable that I'm interested in music based on synth sounds recently. As long as this interest continues, I'll continue to make music using those instruments. I just want to be myself.

You’ve already accomplished a lot and you’re only 26. Do you feel like you understand the Korean Rap game better now? 

I still feel like the world is too vast to be satisfied by any accomplishments. I think I understand this market, but I still want to keep learning with a student-like mindset.

You recently performed at SXSW in the US. What was that like?

It was my first international show, and I'm very satisfied with how well it debuted. I was quite nervous about it, but the reception was great so there was no need to be.

Honestly, we could ask you questions all day because you’re an intriguing artist, but we’ll leave it with this: What does the rest of 2024 look like for you?

2024 seems like a very important year for me. I feel like it will be a year of many opportunities to expand and achieve more. Thank you for listening to my story, and let's meet again.

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