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Protect ya neck with ‘WuShang Clan’ by the Foosie Gang

The duo consists of a full-time comedian and part-time rapper and a full-time rapper and part-time comedian

LiFTED | Sean D | 12 Jun 2023

Even though LiFTED is committed to staying on top of every single Asian Hip Hop track that is released, as well as events and culture, some things slip through the cracks when they come out. A perfect example of this is a total banger ‘WuShang Clan’ by New Delhi’s Foosie Gang featuring Dank Rishu. Luckily we heard it now because it’s three minutes and some seconds of pure neck-jerking Hip Hop bliss.

Yeah, they lifted the name from the Wu, and they are definitely kooky in the video, but according to their Foosie Gang YouTube channel they are, “A duo consisting of a full time comedian and part-time rapper and a full-time rapper and part-time comedian.”

Jokes aside, the Foosie Gang created a crazy masterpiece with this one. The beat by Adil is so ill! It has all the dark, evil, no-good vibeyness of early Wu-Tang Clan, and when they start riffing over the Boom Bap beat, their bars are charismatic and they go straight in.

You can tell right away when you hear a hit because you just wanna hear it again. And with 1.6 million views on the video so far you know a lot of Indian Hip Hop heads have been hitting repeat. Now we hope the rest of Asia and beyond gets hip to this guilty pleasure.

Check ‘WuShang Clan’ featuring Dank Rishu below.