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Welcome to PYRADISE

Pyra’s dystopian Pop album explores the true meaning of freedom

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 26 Apr 2024

While the world has a one-way ticket on a high-speed journey to the hellish end of humanity’s existence, most people are too glued to their devices to see what’s going on outside of their small bubble. For the past few years, Thailand’s Pyra has created her own lane of dystopian Pop, showing people what is really going on. Last week, she released PYRADISE, her first full album, marking a significant milestone in her award-filled career.

Imagining what life will be like in 2084, PYRADISE starts off with marching band drums of the ‘[national anthem].’ From there, she slides into ‘cut my tongue,’ a HyperPop banger with a middle finger aimed directly at all the security cameras on every street corner. ‘diktatorshit’ interpolates 20 Finger’s 1990’s ‘Short Dick Man,’ but instead of aiming her venom at the local fuckbois, she aims at the governments who wanted her muzzled.

‘Wet’ starts with some liquids being poured and then soon dips into some liquid Drum and Bass/UKG combo on the hooks. In ‘burning man,’ Pyra whispers over an uptempo beat with some twisted sounds coming in and out of the background. On the final track, ‘unfuck the system,’ the Trap beat hits hard as the sounds melt back into the real world. Pyra’s artistic vision is on full display on PYRADISE where there is a lot of beauty in the ugliness of the future that we all don’t want but we know we deserve.

Check out Pyra’s video for ‘wet’ and the full album PYRADISE below.