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UMEDA CYPHER shakes the internet with a massive one-take cypher

No mistakes. No do-overs. Whatever it takes.

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 30 Aug 2021

Are you dying to watch a Hip Hop cypher with some great rappers done in one take? Introducing UMEDA CYPHER 梅田サイファー, a group of Osaka-based Hip Hop enthusiasts who have been around the block. Their latest performance, a cypher on The First Take YouTube channel, has shook the internet gaining 1.2 million views and counting since it was released on August 19.

It all started on a Saturday night in 2007, when three young rappers Funk, Yorozu, and Akirmen decided to rap for fun outside the Umeda Train station, one of the busiest crosswalks in Osaka. Back then, social media did not exist as it does now, so the best way to recruit link-minded individuals was to spit lyrics on the street. Initially, the friendly battles turned into a full-blown tournament, and UMEDA CYPHER梅田サイファー became a staple for underground Hip Hop lovers. UMEDA CYPHER includes an impressive roster of rappers and DJs such as founding member KZ and Funk, Kopreu, renowned battler R-Shitei, Japidiot’s TAKE-M, tella & teppei, as well as DJ SPI-K just to name a few.

While UMEDA CYPHER梅田サイファー has been gaining the recognition they rightfully deserve over the years, it was not until their recent appearance at The First Take that got them into the mainstream spotlight. The First Take is a YouTube channel operated by Sony Music Japan to showcase Japanese artists in a simple live set in one take only.

With much at stake, UMEDA CYPHER梅田サイファー has blown the internet away with their cypher. The eight rappers and two turntablists formed a superteam to deliver a raw yet compelling performance of their hard-hitting tracks ‘UMEDA NIGHT FEVER ’19’ and ‘Travolta Custom.’ The energy, funky vibe, and tight chemistry explode on the screen through their dope verses in the mesmerizing 18-minute-session. You don’t have to know the lyrics or even understand Japanese to join in the massive fun UMEDA CYPHER梅田サイファー had.

Check out UMEDA CYPHER梅田サイファー’s performance below.