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Northfacegawd gets gangsta at the beach cleanup with ‘The Green Planet’

He’s joined by his fellow environmental gangster J-Tong

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 3 Jul 2024

With a wind-destroyed umbrella and a bag full of ocean debris, Korean rappers Northfacegawd and J-Tong wrote a song about saving ‘The Green Planet.’ The lyrics start off to the point, “Do you need a plastic bag?/No, thank you/Do you need a straw?/Pour it in my mouth/Isn’t it bothering you?/No, I’m cool./Because there’s only on Earth/Not two/Protect the nature/Protect the green planet.’

In the video, a crew of screwfaces are at a G’ed up beach cleanup on the coast. They gather near the ocean and film what they’ve cleaned up posse style. Northfacegawd and J-Tong are rapping about various ways to keep the oceans clean including not throwing cigarette butts out or folding people in half if they catch them littering in the streets.

This could be a bit questionable if it wasn’t for their full commitment to the cause. J-Hope is a farmer and he sells conservation merch on his website.

Check out Northfacegawd and J-Tong’s ‘The Green Planet’ below.