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Megan Thee Stallion turns into a superstar on SNL

She’s a triple threat as a host, performer & actress

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 17 Oct 2022

For a long time, people have known that Megan Thee Stallion is an amazing rapper. She’s run the last few years by churning out hit after hit after hit. She’s headlined festivals and even had a minor role twerking on She-Hulk.

This past weekend, the artist known as Tina Snow and Hot Girl Meg, now calls herself, “Megan Thee girl who needs some sleep,” as she said in her monologue. She continued, “I got my degree in health administration because I have always wanted to help the people in my community,” she said. “I believe it’s important to have a sharp mind and a sharp body-ody-ody.”

Besides working the crowd with her stand-up comedy, Megan also was great in her skits. In Real Hot Girl Hospital, people kept coming into the emergency room, but Meg and her girls weren’t helping unless the problem was about twerking, wigs, or BBL surgeries. She had all the best lines by being a lot like how she is in real life.

On the performance side, Megan also shined. She did one of her latest songs, ‘Anxiety,’ while dressed as a beauty queen with dancers that wore sashes that stated underpaid, overlooked, insecure, and overworked. One lyric, where she mentions her mother, got Megan to nearly cry, which gave her a real human feel since it’s a live show. In her closing song, she did a medley of ‘NDA’ with a rock twist and a live band, as well as the Hip Hop banger, ‘Plan B.’