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Hong Kong’s Woaw Gallery stages an exhibition themed around a philosophical backstage party

Alongside Stems Gallery in Belgium, the exhibit celebrates the end of solitude & uncertainty

LiFTED | Adrianna Cheung | 7 Jun 2021

For over a year now, we’ve been finding ways to have fun without parties. The pandemic has shifted our way of seeing and living in ways none of us ever imagined, changing our habits, consumption patterns, and more importantly, our relationships with others, ourselves, and the environment. The reiterations have led us to re-evaluate our own ignorance and values posed by society as well as the disparity that has dominated much of our energy and attention.

Celebrating the end of solitude and uncertainty, Backstage Party is an exhibition curated by Woaw Gallery in Hong Kong alongside Stems Gallery in Belgium, who together are responding to the oscillation between life and death, fear and hope, and liberation and restrictions. They have gathered artists from around the world who are not able to fly into Hong Kong to celebrate Hong Kong’s annual art month, and instead have taken inspiration from the current situation and created this exhibition to mark the end of this dark era.

One of our favorite artists in Backstage is Julien Boudet. His work is deeply attached to street culture and Hip Hop, so he recontextualizes luxury brands by utilizing counterfeit products which effectively blur the line between real and fake.

The exhibition also questions the true costs of humanity, our reality, and the absurdity of our new future. According to Woaw Gallery, the amalgamation of works reflects our shifting values and the constant struggle and dichotomy of choices we face as individuals and as collectives.

Woaw Gallery x Stems Gallery present Backstage Party will be on view until June 14 at Woaw Gallery, 5 Sun Street, Wan Chai.

Learn more about the exhibition here.

[Via Mixmag Asia]