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GINJIN & Mrs M head to Japan in search of their ‘Pokémon’

The dynamic Mongolian duo is back at it

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 5 Jul 2024

Most artists, when they visit and do a show in another country, bring a video team with them so they can get the crowd reactions for their social media or a one-minute hot-to-death video flexing where they have been. GINJIN and Mrs M recently played in Japan and instead of making an after movie, they made a song and video about Japan called ‘Pokémon.’

The video starts with a meeting gone right as they bring some product and the Japanese gangster and his lackey bring the money. Where ‘Pokémon’ gets really good is in the lyrics. GINJIN is up first and his style is so smooth that he can talk about his chain being frozen like Elsa and then get deep by talking about friends thinking about suicide. M is up next and she only wears all black like Blade. She’s got the hottest lines when she says, “Chillin in Tokyo/Zombied up all night/Looking for Pokémon down on the street/We sippin on sake/Yens in my pocket/We ain’t stoppin/We f*ck it up.” The bars are so good she had to say them twice.

By now, GINJIN and Mrs M are a duo who do things a bit differently because they can.

Check out GINJIN and Mrs M’s ‘Pokémon’ below.