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Dough-Boy goes ‘Bang Bang’ for the HOLDLUV YouTube channel

The rapper-producer samples Nancy Chung’s classic cover

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 19 Jun 2024

In 1966, Cher recorded the Sonny Bono-written song, ‘Bang Bang [My Baby Shot Me Down].’ which became one of her biggest songs, selling a million and making the top 3 in the UK. Soon after in 1968, Betty Chung, a Hong Kong recording artist with songs in English and Mandarin, recorded a Chinese cover version. In the 2003 movie, Kill Bill, Nancy Sinatra’s version of ‘Bang Bang’ in the intro brought a resurgence of all three versions, and now Chung’s 45 sells for more than US$100 on Discogs.

In 2024, rapper and producer extraordinaire Dough-Boy sampled ‘Bang Bang’ and rapped on it for the HOLDLUV YouTube channel, which is building a community from the streets in China. In the video, there is the ever-popular mic hanging from the sky while Dough-Boy raps surrounded by an interested public of Aunties, businessmen on lunch breaks, and random passersby. Halfway through, he’s given a chain and flexes some close-up shots of it at the end.

Clicking around the HOLDLUV YouTube Channel, there is a lot of interesting content, including videos of Matty Pei, 13Mic & Shining, and a lot more. The crew has a deep passion for Hip Hop and the visual arts.

Check out HOLDLUV’s Dough-Boy ‘Bang Bang’ video below.