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Dbo & Okasian prove their worth On ‘Young CEO’

The new single is from the EP titled Be Back Soon

LiFTED | Jensen Ooi | 20 May 2024

A name synonymous with eccentricity in the K-hop, Dbo [디보] returns with his latest track ‘Young CEO’, featuring Okasian. Known for his unique style and meme-worthy persona, Dbo first gained widespread attention on the Korean hip-hop show Show Me the Money 777. His unconventional approach to Rap, marked by a lack of adherence to traditional flows, has earned him a cult following and a reputation as one of the most entertaining figures in the industry.

While jarring to some, his performances are characterized by a distinctive weirdness that exudes an undeniable charm. This authenticity and self-assuredness have made him a beloved character.

‘Youth CEO’ continues in those footsteps. It is a quintessential Trap anthem, featuring raging hi-hats and thumping drums. Dbo and Okasian deliver addictive triplet flows, with the former’s charismatic performance elevating the song. His comedic one-liners and bold flexes on detractors inject his well-known and refreshing sense of personality into his music.

This track is part of Dbo's latest EP, Be Back Soon, which marks a significant milestone in his decade-long career. The EP represents his journey from being labeled as a comedy rapper to becoming an artist worth taking seriously.

Check out Dbo and Okasian’s ‘Young CEO’ below.