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Jeremy Lin & others look back at the Linsanity of 38 At The Garden

The 38-minute documentary focuses on what one night against the Lakers meant to Asians around the world

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 13 Oct 2022

On February 4, 2012, New York Knicks point guard, undrafted Harvard graduate Jeremy Lin, finally got some decent playing time against the New Jersey Nets. In the month and change he had been playing for the Knicks, he logged 55 minutes up until then. On February 4, he played 36 minutes and scored 25 points. People’s eyebrows were raised, but everyone catches on fire sometimes, right?

By February 10, the Knicks were on a two-game winning streak and there was talk of this Taiwanese-American kid who was surging, and the Lakers were coming to the Big Apple to play at the mecca of basketball, Madison Square Garden. Lin ended up scoring 38 on the night and went into the history books with what was dubbed as Linsanity.

While many people called Linsanity a roller coaster ride, Lin’s rise to the upper echelon of the NBA, even for this short time, did a lot for Asian culture around the world, since people didn’t think that they had the skills for the NBA before unless they were lab-built like Yao Ming. For years, Jeremy Lin cringed at the term Linsanity or the fact that he was shattering Asian stereotypes each time he stepped on the court.

In 38 At The Garden, Lin explains how over the decade since his star turn, he has come to terms with Linsanity during his 2012 season, and what has happened in his life since then.

Check out the trailer for 38 At The Garden below.