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RAPKEYS is about to boil over in ‘HAMBALANG SOT PLUG’

The MC is getting fed up with all the hysteria on social media

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 4 Nov 2021

Chinese Malaysian RAPKEYS just released ‘HAMBALANG SOT PLUG,’ his second song from his upcoming EP. The English translation for HAMBALANG SOT PLUG works out to be something close to ‘everyone is fed up and crazy.’ The hype beat, produced by Franco.$, captures the hysteria and frustration of being stuck at home inside during COVID-19 lockdowns perfectly. Adding RAPKEYS stressed-out verses on top brings the track and the feeling to a boil.

RAPKEYS said in a press release, “In this pandemic, everyone is feeling extremely frustrated and wants to express their emotions freely. I want to bring something new to the audience in terms of auditory and visual content. Something which they can resonate with, in terms of the pressure we are all facing.”

The video for ‘HAMBALANG SOT PLUG’ has RAPKEYS flexing hard in a neon-lit bar. He’s upset and you can tell he’s ready to break out. If this song was played at a big festival, people would have to be ducking elbows and shoulders because a mosh pit would surely start.

Check out ‘HAMBALANG SOT PLUG’ by RAPKEYS below.