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BANG YOUNGGUK gets fast & furious in his new single ‘Race’

Former B.A.P member continues to claim his place in the Korean Rap game

LiFTED | Sean D | 1 Des 2021

Bang Yong-Guk AKA YONGGUK is a rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and even a best-selling author. Safe to say he’s a DUDE in the Korean celebrity space, but ever since going solo in 2018 he’s continued to rack up hits as a rapper.

‘Race’ is a slickly produced Trap production that feels like it could be a title song for one of the never-ending Fast and Furious movies. In the video, YONGGUK drives a sleek luxury sports car through a futuristic cyber matrix, crashes, runs himself over, and still comes out unscathed.

The beat is driving [pun intended] and straddles the Hip Hop and Pop worlds with him singing the chorus and rhyming over a wailing lead guitar. YONGGUK’s deep baritone rhyming and smooth charisma carry the rest.

Check out BANG YOUNGGUK’s ‘Race’ music video below.